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When you and your bro clean your apartment together.
Dude, our apartment looks like shit. It's time for a broclean
by Swedeishmon March 31, 2011
To do a half-assed job of cleaning up your place. This is the exact opposite of the thorough cleansing that a good woman will do. For example: instead of vacuuming you simply pick up the stuff you can see on the carpet, blow the dust off of stuff instead of actually "dusting", and wiping only the dirty spots on glass with a windex soaked rag.
Dave: Dude, wet T-shirt contest at Hooters today. You coming with me??

Jim: No way, can't. Trish told me I have to clean the house.

Dave: C'mon don't be a girl, just Bro Clean it! I'll pick you up in 20 minutes.

Jim: Sounds good, see you then!
by furniturejim November 21, 2009
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