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A city in Massachusetts known for poverty and violence. Most observers criticize these street-level phenomena, but institutional corruption dwarfs both, whether police/fire/school departments, public works, or the mayor and city council. While a thin crust of decent people keep the city from collapsing in on itself, Brockton has rightfully been used as a punch line in a Playboy cartoon (in the 70's, when they were very popular), movies (Coneheads, The Departed), and by dozens of authors (most notably the august Lewis Lapham).
Example? Don't dispute me, ever. I grew up in Brockton and could tell you things you simply wouldn't believe could happen in a city ten times the size. If you live there, get out as fast as possible. Your quality of life will increase dramatically.
by MasonC March 27, 2013
A city south of Boston, bordering on Abington. Brockton is a ghetto. If you travel there, you will most likely be stabbed, or have your car stolen. It is a very metropolitan area, resembling Detroit, with a crime rate to match. Their slogan is the City of Champions.
"I'm going to Brockton today."
"Bring your bulletproof vest".
by BrocktonRox March 09, 2011
Brockton is a nice city south of Boston with a suburban look. It is Not ghetto and its crime rate is slightly higher than the national average but not even close to other Massachusetts cities such as Springfield or Holyoke. Its poverty rate is slightly above the Massachusetts average but its not run down and boarded up like other communities. Brockton does not have an urbanish look like other cities its size in Massachusetts (ex Lowell, Chelsea) and is the twenty-seventh most densely populated . Few sketchy neighborhoods but most are nice family oriented. The last post tries to compare Brockton to Detroit. Detroit has 418 murders to 8 in Brockton. Detroit has 8000 robberies to 200 in Brockton.
Brockton was named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People in the United States in 2005, 2008 and 2010.
by Mogedman November 17, 2012
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