An irreversibly greatly flawed discard thrown away from the creator accidentally becomes alive.
Biologically entitled to be a man yet is in literature an object/tool/muff douche/muff cabbage.
Its immediate presence redefines 2 distinctive human nature into 3: good and evil... and retarded.
Constantly pisses anyone with functional CAHONE off, to no end, by claiming it's a man.

Physically resembles Goofie up to 90 %, with "exceptionally large feet" quoted by Goofie though.
It also differs from Goofie by the following facts:
- Goffie doesn't go around to tell peeps he makes $23/hour (actually $22 after rounding),
- Goofie doesn't repeatedly claims he has a New York City down there and,
- Goofie doesn't stress about how often he gets numbers from horny phat people.
- Not scientifically proven but it is well believed that it can fly with Dumbo in the rainbowy sky with its feet in paddling motion.

Mentally resembles a princess.
-Her royal highness gets mental vortex when a open driveway spot is taken.
-Her royal highness gets mental catastrophe when people say they believe in common sense.
-Her royal highness weeps in relatively high pitch when one tells her not to slam the door.
-Her royal highness gets a major migrant, ironically, when one tells her to relax.
-The migrant suddenly disappears when a phat person comes over and gives her a phone number.
A: "I think it is important to have some common sense..."
B: "Dude, there is no such a thing as a common sense, my boss told me that"
A: " must be Brock."
#retared #princess #muff cabbage #muff douche #goofie
by flyingfatcat November 17, 2013
Top Definition
A kind, caring, loyal, loving, gentle yet strong man. A real man, one who always tries to please the one he loves. He is fun,thoughtful,respectful. He never forgets a birthday,anniversary or holiday.He is Educated, hard working, and ambitious. One who always meets challenges set in front of him. Loves family, friends and Dogs! Enjoys the outdoors and football but is able to enjoy and adapt to his surroundings where ever he is. Can be comfortable sitting around a campfire or at the symphony. He is a well rounded gentleman. You would be lucky to have a Brock. He can be your best friend, your lover and your confidant. a man you would be proud to bring home to Mother.
Brock is Amazing!

Brock is so Good looking!

I want a Brock.

Being with a Brock makes you feel Safe and Loved.
#brocky #buddy #brok #brother #bro
by missingU February 05, 2010
a male who is extremely attractive, athletic and tends to make people laugh. not the brightest, but worth getting to know. someone whose easy to fall for, but hard to maintain because of his flirtacious side. even though it may not seem like it, he's not always worth it.
he's hot! but not so smart..
he's such a brock!

god, he's wayyy too flirtacious!
just another brock...
#attractive #athletic #bright #maintain #worth
by calliiiii88 February 01, 2009
an extremely attractive guy thats tan, tall, cute smile, perfect body, brown eyes, and short hair. is often sarcastic and makes random jokes. super hilarious. is very fun to be around. very interesting individual. not your average, everyday guy. different but in a good way. a loyal friend/boyfriend. not afraid to speak his mind or be himself. not always on the talkative side but hes a good listener and always there when you need him. doesnt like people. makes fun of everything and everyone. insecure about certain things. not an open guy if your not close to him. a real challenge to get to know but once you do hes an amazing guy with an amazing heart,but he hides it behind his cocky personality. good taste in music. he also knows how to treat a girl right, and is a good kisser. hes just all around amazing even if he doesnt know it yet. hes the reason to get up in the mornings. cant live without this kid. hes super lovable underneath it all. he demands patience but any girl would be lucky to have him, who knows, you might even fall in love with him... ;)
I'm glad to have a Brock in my life.
#loveable #attractive #cocky #funny #cute #loyal #caring
by unicornsrule April 06, 2011
1. An intelligent kid, hopeless in the ways of common sense. Generally a flirtatious ladies man, being easy to hook onto, and rather romantic. Has issues with either reading or accepting 'hints' and 'signals,' especially those from women. Is often absentminded, but balances it out with a wide variety of talents. Has insecurities about his own worth. Can be over- eager to please and interact with others, or anti-social. If anti- social, they most often creepy and perverted. If social, they are very likely to be funny, and to enjoy being so.

2. Derived from the old English surname "brocc." Means badger.
Wow, you almost as bad as Brock!

Stop being such a Brock and take a hint!

Aw, we love Brock.
#brock #brocc #broc #brok #intelligent
by crazymonkeyfish February 03, 2010
1.that guy from the Pokemon anime, who is blind. Or someone glued his eyes shut. Or he doesn't have any. Either way, his face is shaped like a fucking octagon.

2. Or when you pretend to walk around with your eyes shut, when really they're slightly open. Which may or may not be the case of Brock...
1. Brock:"Why the fuck don't I have eyes?"

2. "Wait a minute Ted, your eyes weren't closed, you was pulling a Brock!"
#pokemon #brock #pikachu #blind #nintendo #rock #octagon #eyes #heaven #brocks
by Dr.Octillary April 12, 2011
The hottest male alive. Any girl would be more than happy to fuck with the guy.
I was so happy. I got to fuck with brock last night.
#brock #hot #sexy #amazing #fuck
by HALOUSER215 August 26, 2008
A hot man with an Amazing body! He has sexy abs and is great with the ladies. A Brock is most likely found in billings Mt.
stacey: Did you see that hottie at the beach?

Jill: yeah he was a Brock!
#hot #body #man #ass #lady
by brockkk November 25, 2012
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