A hot man with an Amazing body! He has sexy abs and is great with the ladies. A Brock is most likely found in billings Mt.
stacey: Did you see that hottie at the beach?

Jill: yeah he was a Brock!
by brockkk November 25, 2012
1.Brock is a pervert. Tall and dark. He is mostly interested in rock Pokemon, Grooming Pokemon and anime chicks.
2.A brock is a person who masturbates to anime chicks and is Pokemon obsessed.
1.fap fap fapfap
Oh my gosh Arnold I cant believe you jack off to cartoons, your so brock.

2.So I was watching this hot anime last night and I was so turned on. I was like "Stop your turning into Brock!"
by dolanlj August 30, 2007
one who excells in the art of 'Creeping'

The young girl (whom we will call Jen) was extremely frightened by the tall creep, Brock and that is why she wanted nothing to do with him.
by The Creeper Police March 30, 2009
1. One who cant get any pussy. in order to satisfy their urges they jack off to pokemon erotica or in even more depressing cases breeding Pokemon at the daycare center in Ruby/Sapphire etc. Made famous due to the fact that Brock flirts with women but is almost always rejected. NOT to be confused with Do you liek mudkips!

2. a Black person that is racist towards Asians. Made famous by Brock being the only black and slanty eyed character in Pokemon.
1. guy 1: "OMG Dude i was cumming buckets after watching my Charizard fuck a Jigglypuff .

guy 2: "WTF! Get away from me you fucking BROCK!!!!"

2.(while playing saints Row 2)

Gamer1: "lez show deez Ronin mutha fukas how we say hurro!"

Gamer2: "nigga thats some brock ass shit!"
by lemonjuicepandafucker November 09, 2010
1. a male who has dark skin, spiky hair, falls in love with any female that walks by despite the fact that his eyes are always closed

2. the president of the united states
i voted for brock obama! yeah!
by anon843920011 August 31, 2009
Verb: To look at something with your eyes slightly ajar. It is sometimes hard to tell if their eyes are open.

Adjective: To describe someone that walks around with their eyes slightly ajar.
Ex.James tried to show me his penis, so I brocked it.

Ex.I saw that girl walk by and she was so ugly I had to look at her in a brock-like fashion.
by AlmightyMoonDuhKudo September 11, 2009
The outer skin of the vagina, often having razor burn and soreness due to heavy sex.
That girls brock looked rough
by kxfsteve February 23, 2009

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