A hot man with an Amazing body! He has sexy abs and is great with the ladies. A Brock is most likely found in billings Mt.
stacey: Did you see that hottie at the beach?

Jill: yeah he was a Brock!
by brockkk November 25, 2012
CRACK, the drug not the shit in the middle of ur ass
by anthony January 12, 2004
A guy who rapes an unconscious women behind a dumpster
Did you see that Brock.

Yeah he was behind a dumpster with a girl
by raysofsun June 07, 2016
1. Short for BaseRock, another name for crack.

2. Crack Cocaine.
Hey dude, you got some b-rock for sale.
by LoMaxDaLegend October 12, 2005
A huge jerk. Usually he has floofy hair.
Girl 1- Oh he's so nice!
Girl 2- No he's so Brock
by NarniaPotato June 02, 2016
A modifying noun/adjective used for meat-head jocks
•a brock usually has a super lean, buff-ish type of body mass due to the fact the only thing they do besides play meat heat sports,aka, football and hit on girls...is work out
Wow, all he does is workout and drink Wheatgrass flavored gatorade...what a brock
by Spokken May 31, 2015
In simplest terms Brock means "swag"
"Hey did you hear the new One Direction album? It's so Brock!!" ️"Wow you look so Brock in those new shoes"
by LukenessMonster November 09, 2014
An irreversibly greatly flawed discard thrown away from the creator accidentally becomes alive.
Biologically entitled to be a man yet is in literature an object/tool/muff douche/muff cabbage.
Its immediate presence redefines 2 distinctive human nature into 3: good and evil... and retarded.
Constantly pisses anyone with functional CAHONE off, to no end, by claiming it's a man.

Physically resembles Goofie up to 90 %, with "exceptionally large feet" quoted by Goofie though.
It also differs from Goofie by the following facts:
- Goffie doesn't go around to tell peeps he makes $23/hour (actually $22 after rounding),
- Goofie doesn't repeatedly claims he has a New York City down there and,
- Goofie doesn't stress about how often he gets numbers from horny phat people.
- Not scientifically proven but it is well believed that it can fly with Dumbo in the rainbowy sky with its feet in paddling motion.

Mentally resembles a princess.
-Her royal highness gets mental vortex when a open driveway spot is taken.
-Her royal highness gets mental catastrophe when people say they believe in common sense.
-Her royal highness weeps in relatively high pitch when one tells her not to slam the door.
-Her royal highness gets a major migrant, ironically, when one tells her to relax.
-The migrant suddenly disappears when a phat person comes over and gives her a phone number.
A: "I think it is important to have some common sense..."
B: "Dude, there is no such a thing as a common sense, my boss told me that"
A: "...you must be Brock."
by flyingfatcat November 17, 2013
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