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A hot man with an Amazing body! He has sexy abs and is great with the ladies. A Brock is most likely found in billings Mt.
stacey: Did you see that hottie at the beach?

Jill: yeah he was a Brock!
by brockkk November 25, 2012
CRACK, the drug not the shit in the middle of ur ass
by anthony January 12, 2004
An irreversibly greatly flawed discard thrown away from the creator accidentally becomes alive.
Biologically entitled to be a man yet is in literature an object/tool/muff douche/muff cabbage.
Its immediate presence redefines 2 distinctive human nature into 3: good and evil... and retarded.
Constantly pisses anyone with functional CAHONE off, to no end, by claiming it's a man.

Physically resembles Goofie up to 90 %, with "exceptionally large feet" quoted by Goofie though.
It also differs from Goofie by the following facts:
- Goffie doesn't go around to tell peeps he makes $23/hour (actually $22 after rounding),
- Goofie doesn't repeatedly claims he has a New York City down there and,
- Goofie doesn't stress about how often he gets numbers from horny phat people.
- Not scientifically proven but it is well believed that it can fly with Dumbo in the rainbowy sky with its feet in paddling motion.

Mentally resembles a princess.
-Her royal highness gets mental vortex when a open driveway spot is taken.
-Her royal highness gets mental catastrophe when people say they believe in common sense.
-Her royal highness weeps in relatively high pitch when one tells her not to slam the door.
-Her royal highness gets a major migrant, ironically, when one tells her to relax.
-The migrant suddenly disappears when a phat person comes over and gives her a phone number.
A: "I think it is important to have some common sense..."
B: "Dude, there is no such a thing as a common sense, my boss told me that"
A: "...you must be Brock."
by flyingfatcat November 17, 2013
1. Short for BaseRock, another name for crack.

2. Crack Cocaine.
Hey dude, you got some b-rock for sale.
by LoMaxDaLegend October 12, 2005
slang term meaning bro or brah
can replace anything it rhymes with
Whats up brock?

Brock Obama

The girl at the brock show

The brockness monster

brocklyn we go hard
by Krebchek May 05, 2009
To have an accident that could have been avoided, to accidentally injure yourself or being prone to accidents and mishaps.
"Dude, i had a bit of a Brock while riding my bicycle the other day"

"I totally Brocked it when i hit that jump"

"Haha, you did a Brock"
by Fizzle33 July 03, 2013
Brock: verb \ˈbräk\; To Brock someone is to create a strong verbal agreement over a long period of time with an individual or group and then never follow through. A true Brock is when the "Brocker" does not answer their phone for days and has some wild story as to why they broke their promise.

A term with a hint of endearment often (but not always) attached to it, as it is usually reserved for unreliable friends, but friends nonetheless.
"Zach was supposed to pick us all up to go to the bar, but he brocked us!"

"Where's my weed?"
"Umm... I got brocked..."
"Say whaaaaat?"
"Yea. He took the money and swore he'd be right back!"
Sounds like you're brockin ME!"
by Picotori July 02, 2013
EAST MIDLANDS DIALECT slang. both verb and adjective. Brock means broken.

Similarly, Breck is a verb which means to break something.

Brock can be substituted by the word "Bost" (burst) when referring to balloons, tyres or milk cartons etc

But, Breck or Brock are not used generally when referring to having a break from something or using the brakes on a vehicle, these similar sounding words are always said in their original English form eg. 'I'm having five minutes break' or 'slow down and put your brakes on'

East Midlands dialect is very diluted in modern speech and to a large extent, is dying out, so these words are considered 'common' sounding nowadays. A lot of words spoken in the E.Mids region of England have Danish origins. The author D H Lawrence, himself an Eastwood man would have been very familiar with the word 'brock' and its use in the vernacular.
1. CONVERSATION OVERHEARD IN AN ILKESTON PUB : "I bought me son one of them there new smart phones for his birthday...he's only had it five minutes and brock it already.
so, I took it back to Argos and they asked me what were up with it an I said "I dunno its brock, it needs mendin".
They said: who brock it d'you know?
I tode em tharradint.
They said "Did you breck it?"
I said "I dint breck it, I oppened the box and it were already brock"
they said orate, and that thid gerrus a new un out the back, but I thought He'd only goo an breck that one an all, so I gorrim a telly instead, but now he's got munk-on cos he wanted a phone."

2. A SIMILAR CONVERSATION: "I seen a fate on Ilson Market last nate...two pissed-up blokes knockin seven bells a shit out each other...Ones ot his swede the other brock his nose. Coppers ad to breck it up. They shook 'ands on it though after and watched two boilers scrappin over their handbags"

3. MAN BOASTING OF HIS DESTRUCTIVE POWERS: " When I breck sommat, it stays brock."
by Mr. Cunninglinguist August 31, 2013