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A mix between a bro and a doucher = brochure

The kind of bros that you would find heavily drenched in axe body spray, talking at length about their collection of live Phish albums, and likely trying to date rape your sister.
I was driving past a sports bar last night and I almost ran over two brochures. They were carrying a girl who was completely passed out and they threw their natty ice at my car.
by Nick St. Clare February 21, 2011

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brokey-broke bro-sure cheap new money scrub
Bronounced- Bro-sure: The highest of all trust between brotheren.
Kevin gave me the brochure to let me drive his new truck when I reminded him of all the times I picked him up from Lax practice.
by Garruk February 06, 2011
brochure: When a bro tells fellow bro hes forsure
bro 1: "bro, your for sure."
bro 2: "brochure bra."
by brosaurusrex@brosiden.net August 09, 2010