Bread at the stage between being bread, and being toast. At the point where the bread is hardened, but not brown.
You can't turn the toaster off now, the broast hasn't turned into toast yet!
by Broasty June 28, 2009
The act of congregating with one's Bros in a high temperature environment.
Mike went to broast with Bill by the campfire.
by topramen69 January 23, 2012
broast is a mixture of toast and and bread, which usually occurs when the toaster is not working at its full potential.
that toaster was wank, i'm eating broast!
by UJ250 October 19, 2009
the word shouted just before a good chugging session when drinking with good friends. If the speaker can, the 'r' is rolled giving a quaint Russian flair to the pronunciation.
(flogging molly's drunken lullabies in the background right as the band comes in after the banjo solo) BROAST! (and everyone chugs)
by Squidly B March 16, 2008

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