to cook with a method that is a cross between broiling and roasting
how long do you need to broast the chicken ?
#cook #broil #roast #rotisserie #bake
by mikejettusa July 07, 2006
Top Definition
(V): A word used to describe the sharing of a drink with fellow bros.
I'd like to bropose a broast to my fellow brosephs as this is a very special brocasion.
#bro #toast #broast #roast #broseph
by BroJSimpson January 25, 2009
Broast ( Verb ) :

1. Broast - The process in which 2 bros , of the bloodline or brother from another mother variety, spit roast a girlfriend or cheap date.

2. Sunday Broast, Exactly the same as a normal broast, except done on the day of the sabbath.

3. Broast chestnuts - The accidental touching of both bro's balls while in the process of broasting

4. Rump Broast - The roasting of the said cheap dates anus.
Bro 1 - Dude, i got us a broast lined up for tonight!

Bro 2 - Yeah? Who's the lucky lady?

Bro 1 - Some random girl i met in poundland

Bro 2 - Tidy.
#broast #bro #dinner #sunday #chestnuts
by Brodudechestnuts May 25, 2011
1) When the best bro at a wedding rudely interrupts the best man's toast and makes his own toast.

3) When a bro makes a stylish joke to another bro, which the other bro might find offensive, but at the same time is not angry cause, come on, it's your bro.

3) Something that can be yelled before drinking with you're bros.


1) Best Man: ...which is why Stacy is perfect for Joe, she completes him...

Best Bro: WOAH, hold on I'd just like to say that Joe completes me!

Bro 2: Nice Broast, bro!

2) Tim: If i had a dime for each collar you were wearing, I would have 40 cents.

Corey: Hey!ahhhhaha

Jeff: Nice Broast, bro!

3) Mitch: I'm getting a new pair of bindings for my board next week!

Connor: Lets drink to that!

Tim: I call a broast,to this broccasion!

(together): BROAST!

Jeff: Nice Broast, Bros!
#bro #toast #roast #wedding #joke #broccasion
by whatimisit? March 29, 2009
1.) To prepare food using a cooking process that combines broiling and roasting.
2.) When you roast someone so hard you go past the normal burn realm.
1.) I broasted a chicken for dinner.
2.) I totally broasted Jack when I told him "your family tree is a cactus, because everyone in it is a prick."
by BurnMaster500 May 20, 2016
Lightly toasted bread.
lightly toasted bread. Which is a cross between bread and toast. Therefore it is known as Broast.
#bread #toast #food #breakfast #warbutons
by kyarge August 25, 2012
1- The act of toasting with your bros, normally accompanied by yelling "BROAST" and being awesome.

2- The act of toasting with Natty Light, also known as "Bro Light"
Whenever drinking with your bros, put your beer into the air and scream "Broast." Every bro and bro-ette in the room should, and will, immediately join you.
#beer #toast #broast #natty light #bros
by iinventedbroast August 23, 2011
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