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This sentece was first heard in the song: Tribe Of Issachar - Tribal Natty (Aphrodite Remix). A shorter version can just be 'BTB'.It can mean one of two things:

1: To be open minded, not afraid of new experiences

2: Derogatory term for a woman. Usually involving too much sex.

1: 'My grandfather is broader than broadway, can you believe he didn't scream after watching 2 girls 1 cup?'

Actually, that's not a good example

1: 'My friend thought I was broader than broadway, so he invited me to one of his DJ breakcore therapy sessions'

2: 'That Amanda is such a slut. She has pretty much fucked every guy from our class. She's soo broader than broadway'
by havet1337 December 15, 2010
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