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Your Favorite Female Buddy; an Amazing Female Friend; Your She-Partner in Crime; Your Wing Woman:

1. She is considered your #1 She-Buddy, Trusted as your Wing Woman.

2. A Girl that is a Buddy, and Likes chicks just as much as you do.

3. A Sassy Ohio Native that moved to Utah in the search of Lesbian Love!
"You show up home to find 2 Women in your Bed, all you can think is my buddy Bro-dette must have left me some gifts."

"Bro-dette is the Master of the Clam!"

"If Bro-dette was a Dinosaur, she would be named Lick-a-Lot-ta-Puss."

"Bro-dette is the Light in my Darkness."

"You Sex Chicks, Bro-dette Bangs Chicks."
by Don_Mayhem January 22, 2010
7 2

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A chill girl that you can do anything with and relate to. Drama free, low maintenance, all around awesome girl.
"Victoria, you're damn chill, I appreciate you brodette".
by dkwondo March 24, 2011
12 0
female lax bro.

not to be confused with lax hoe or laxtitute
that brodette is mad good at lax
by johnnysciabs September 25, 2010
4 2