Bro Chick- a completely platonic relationship between a guy and a girl in which they mutually share relationship advice, guy/girl trouble, and hang out.
I went to lunch with my Bro Chick today to figure out my guy troubles.

I'm going to have a Red Box night with my Bro Chick.
by HAH85 June 17, 2011
Top Definition
Chick who is basically like one of the dudes, similar to tomboy status, but less manly. One who hangs out and does dude-ly things, but knows her limits. Not to be confused with Bro-ho, a bro-chick is a girl who will sit back, drink beer, play videogames and football with you, and still spend 5 fucking hours doing her hair and makeup.
Bro 1: "That chick is so cool to hang around with. It's like she likes all the same things me and my bros do"

Bro 2: "You don't think--"

Bro 1: "Yeah. It's official. That chick is totally my bro. She's a bro-chick."
by SUNNEHHH February 04, 2011
hot girl that also has bro-like qualities which make her awesome for all things bro-related.
Christy is such a bro-chick, we sat and played video games all night yesterday. And she also made me a sandwhich.
by Bropocalypsezzz February 01, 2011
A fun, vibrant female who all the guys enjoy being around.
Max: "Courtney is such a brochick."
Tyler: "What guy wouldn't want a girl who can hang out with all of your bros? She's sometimes more fun to be around then you...hahaha."
by BroChick March 06, 2011
A Brochick is a girl who hangs out with mostly guys. She may threaten them playfully and can even horse around with them without acting like a total girl.

A girl who can hold her own weight around the guys... though the guys care for her too much and wouldn't let her.

A fun chick who knows how to have a good time with a group of guys in a nonsexual way.
Ronny: "Damn, Marsha, you're my Brochick. I love you to death."

"You know that saying "Bro's before ho's"? Well, you're my bra..."
by Mellow0417 October 24, 2008
a girl that only hangs out with guy and no girls
a girl named cantrell. that girl cantrell is such a brochick
by cohen bitch September 20, 2007
An annoying girl who thinks that because she plays beer pong and likes hockey that she is fun to be around when in reality she is just obnoxious. She is incapable of having relationships with other females, which is "totally their fault," not hers. The bro-chick is pretty much a prudish ice queen that has never had an orgasm. It is unlikely that you will fuck a bro-chick unless it is known that your less attractive friend wants to fuck her, then she will fuck you only to screw everything up between everyone. Then she will move on to the next group of best guy friends to suck the life out of. Lastly, she also likes Journey.
Bro: Stephanie is picking up a 30 pack of Keys.
Chad: That bro-chick is coming over again?
Bro: Yeah, she is so cool.
Chad: You better fuck her this time.
Bro: It's not like that...
Chad: You're both fucking worthless.
by jspringfield June 13, 2012
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