really lame party where "bros" and "bro hos" ages 13 to 18 go to get drunk and listen to horrible rap and hardcore music. there is always a fight and always pot. oh and always some drunk bitch giving some disgusting looking guy head in front of the whole party. the 909 meets the OC.
how was the party?
dude. we showed up and it was a total bro party.
oh man that sucks.
by Madison Oh. February 20, 2005
Top Definition
A party where alarge group of males go into the shower. Cold water is turned on. 1st person to get a boner loses.
Hey let's have a bro party, ok
by Bob101910 February 04, 2009
a party where gay males get together to do things in which gay males would do together
Tony: Bro party at 8?

Chris: Sure. Will there be food?

Tony: There'll be sausage. Lots and Lots of sausage.
by Black2Black January 05, 2010
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