adorable tipsy redheads
Yeah that freshman E**a, she's totally brobait
by Brotesque April 12, 2010
Top Definition
A girl 16-24 who is overly tan, very skinny, has no real personality, isn't that smart and dates a guy who is a bro.
Shawnee is totally bro bait, she's always with Kip.
by Kevin Nesgoda July 17, 2008
Items used to lure one's bros to one's apartment for the purposes of brorape.... usually consisting of a Wii or an Xbox 360, and a 12 pack.
"So Brian says to me, 'Hey Bro, come on over so we can play COD on my Xbox... I got the beers'... I didn't realize it was just fucking brobait."
by Orochiniko March 04, 2008
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