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A group of heterosexual guys who are into hanging out with no one except their main group.
Pete: "Hey man I have mad bro love for all of you!"

JJ: "That's sort of weird man, but I agree."
by HDDDDLLLI February 14, 2009
53 17
When a bro got love for another bro. No homo.
Bro 1 and Bro 2 always hang out together, but it's not gay, they got bro love. 'Nuff said.
by TheRealLance April 26, 2010
39 9
Love shared between two bros. No homo is implied in this relationship. May be between two brothers, are two friends. Friends may be considered bros.
Justin: Yo i love you bro

Kyle: Love you too

Justin: Bro love
by Kwizzle202 March 18, 2011
20 6
The love one has with his bro. Brolove is not gay, it merely is.

Two bros who greatly appreciate one another, with a love that is extremely passionate.
There's such a Brolove between them.
by elliot kramer October 14, 2008
13 6