A chick that hangs out at the ski resorts just to hook up with all the snowboarders
damn, look at the broho down there
by tsnowdude55 January 09, 2005
Extremely ghetto white girl that only dates African-American males. They try to be as black as possible in talk and manner. Bro-ho's tend to wear weave, 2-inch (or longer) fake nails, numerous amounts of gold jewelry or bling, usually clothed in Fubu, Southpole, or whatever they think is "black" at the time. They are also referred to as wiggers and poser.
"She's such a bro-ho!"
by Ares R. September 19, 2005
A bro ho is a white girl who will only go after black guys because of the stories they here bout black mens wood!
Man these german chicks aint nothin but bro hos. My white ass can't score nothin
by Crazy Spic Joe June 29, 2004
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