A girl that typically dates "bros"(guys that are into dirt bikes and off roading) Ussualy is a ho.
Wears brands like VOLCOM, and element, metal mulisha, electric, and shops at pac sun or sun diego
Adrianna dresses like a broho but she is in denial.
by June ckruz November 18, 2006
Girls that wear SRH skin socal mob inc. Metal Mulisha Famous short skirts and stuff that says hustler on it. They only chill with bros. They take lost of trips to lake havisue. They ride dirtbikes. Their hair is blonde ontop and black on the bottom. Usually have piercings. Most likely have fake nails that are very long. Into zebra and lepard print. Have lifted trucks and usally listen to Kottonmoth Kings, So Cal Trash, and Kingspade. They are all about White Power . Most bro hos live in the 909, 951, 562 or 714 area code .aka. SoCal. They wear bandannas. They think they got fucked up off smirnoff budlight or coros light. they smoke weed. often they have 420 all over their myspaces.
Bro Hoe-dood i did you go to Jays party last night? i got so fucked up off that smirnoff ice then i gave james head.
by so cal thug September 19, 2006
The female version of a bro. Usually has a hair style that closely resembles a skunk. Peroxide blonde on top and black on the bottom. Native to the area of Southern California. Also known as So Cali. Not to be confused with the clothing brand So Cal, also worn by bro's and bro ho's. Other brands spotted on these creatures are Tapout (but you must be cool and spell it TapouT), 187 Inc, Silver Star, Skin Ind, Famous Stars and Straps, Infamous, SRH, MOB Inc (which doesn't make sense since MOB means Money Over Bitches, and these dudes date these airheads. And you wonder why you're broke...), or they wear a white wife beater with a black bra to look like white trash, or show everybody it must be laundry day. Bro Ho's can usually be spotted in a lifted truck, wearing white framed sun glasses and fixing their excessive amount of eyeliner and mascara in the rear view mirror. See: "How Accidents Happen". These trucks usually have a sticker that says So Cal either on the back window or across the top of the windshield. Other stickers seen are the "Devil/Angel" stickers which are two naked girls, one on each side, one with horns, one with a halo, SRH and TapouT stickers or something pink and anything with stars on it...lots and lots of stars. They think they can fight and these techniques usually consist of hair pulling and trying to poke you in the eye with their long, fake, acrylic nails. Be very cautious as these creatures may spit on you. If this happens and/or blood is drawn, seek medical attention immediately as you could contract herpes, aids, syphillis, gonorrhea and many other types of STD's. Their music is mainly made up of some pot head white guys trying to act black who make money off of trying to badly rap about weed and not knowing how to spell (SRH could not possibly mean Stoners Wreaking Havoc as "wreaking" is spelled with a W. Stay in school kids.) Better known as Kottonmouth Kings, or KmK, (again, cotton is spelled with a C!!) or Kingspade. Getting drunk, getting high and sleeping around are frequent pastimes for Bro Ho's. Along with trying to act like they know how to ride a quad and always talking about Lake Havasu, Glamis, Vegas or Laughlin. If you go to any of these destinations, a club, or a bar, these girls are usually found drunk and hanging all over the guy with tattoos, trying to get him to come home with her. Other aspects of bro ho's: breast implants, a child you don't know about until you go home with her, spoiled, lack of brain cells due to over processed hair caused by inhalation of ammonia and peroxide, and alcohol. Yes, alcohol does kill brain cells. So drink up you stupid bitches! The world needs retards to keep the rest of us on our toes!
Bro 1: Dude, I was driving in the 909 area the other day in my lifted truck after I got this gay ass tribal tattoo and a bro ho with skunk hair and a beer gut kept hitting on me.

Bro 2: Dude, I already hit that. So did your brother. And your dad.
by Yourmomtappedout August 11, 2008
a dirty skank who likes to give bro's (guys with big trucks and small penises) head and wears mini backpacks and has herpes.
That bro ho really needs to be kicked in the crotch.
by hothotheat January 26, 2003
a bro ho is a girl version of a bro. they usually wear SoCal concidering most live in that area. such as 909, 760, 714, 951 area code. usualy wears anything zebra/ leopard along with hostility, tapout, SRH and metal mulisha, they love dirtbikes, atvs, quads, and sandrails. they usually ride or drive lifted trucks blasting any rock or rock rap fusion like kmk or kingspade. most bro hos hate this tag because of the word "ho" as a lot of them are not. ( although i will admit there are some skanky bro hos that slandered the bro world and gave them tags like these) they usually have half blonde on top and black on bottom of hair. they party a lot and chill. usually these girls are strikingly hot when they dont wear a lot of makeup
wow that chick on that dirtbike is a bro ho

youre such a bro ho
by jessicaxxxxx May 16, 2008
Girl that usually hangs out with Bro's
-Mostly white
-racist as fuck
-ghetto and ugly
-have damaged blonde hair (black on the bottom)
-drive big lifted trucks Ex.(big lifted chevy or ford)
-have thier nails done every freaking week
-have zebra printed stuff
-listen to crappy music like Kottonmouth Kings
- Wear SRH ,Fox, So-Cal,wife beaters .on and on .
-thier bitches
Bro-ho's tend to not like niggers either .
by Shotgun Sinner October 14, 2006
A Girl Who Usually Looks like the following:

-Dirty Blonde Hair
- Some Sort Of Skate, Surf, Snow Trucker Hat
- Unnecessarily Big Sunglasses (white framed)
- Some dumb shade of lip stick, and too much eyeliner
- A wife beater of various colors
- Either jeans or those dumb skirt things that are usuall way to short for their ugly, knobby legs.
- Low Top Converse

They can be seen hanging with those desert dudes that go out and ride dirt bikes every weekend. The Bro Ho has never been on a Dirtbike or Quad Herself. They pretend to like beer, and precede to get drunk with the fellas. They are ugly skanks. The End
That bro ho looks like a dude
by KRed January 03, 2006
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