A term used to describe someone normally considered a friend that is acting uncharacteristically like a douche bag.

A half a step away from being called a flat out bitch.
"Dude, what the fuck is wrong with Kyle today?"

"Hell if I know. He's being such a brobitch today."
by GoTopes! January 12, 2010
A Bro Bitch is a girl often found hanging with the "Bro's" from So-Cal. Usually doin everything they can to be cool. If there not with a Bro there usually just being skanks...
Man,this Bro Bitch was just hangin out of one of the lifted chevy's over there flashin her tits.
by 87never982 January 05, 2009
A female who is considered a 'bro' or is part of a 'bro' group.
Bro: Sorry babe, its a bro night, cant chill.
Girl: But Courtney is over too!
Bro: thats differnt, shes a brobitch.
by Audrawrr July 12, 2009

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