A bong stronger than friendship, stronger than true love. Usually the bond is formed between a small group of males. they refer to eachother not by name but by simply calling eachother "brobeans". When in need one would assemble a "brobean talk" which is a short meeting between everyone considered to be a brobean. Brobeans never tell secrets to outsiders, however they tell eachother everything they know. No secrets are kept from brobeans. Alas, brobeans is not just a name for best friends. It is a way of life, and the brobean way of life will never be matched by any culture or any society past, present, or future.
Peter: "Whats up brobeans!!?"
Zach: "Brobeansssssss!!!"
John: "Brobeans..she bit my lip, ps check out how flexible i am!"
by Zack Vordorak February 15, 2012
Top Definition
Synonym to the words: Bro, broseph, dude, homie, man or nigga. Made popular by Thad Castle from the hilarious television show Blue Mountain State.
Anything for you bro beans.
by Cambriass January 23, 2011
An affectionate nickname that G-Mac might call you. It signifies that you are his bro.
G-Mac: whats up?
YKS: swagaroo
G-Mac: that's what's good brobean
by gmac93 October 31, 2011
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