Typically encountered in college dormitories, a shower in which bros assume separate shower stalls and engage socially during said shower. The semi-anonymous nature of the Bro shower provides the opportunity to often times engage in impromptu singing, or conversations about otherwise taboo topics. The bro shower can either be circumstantial or initiated.
"Bro, this is a great conversation, but i gotta go take a shower, wanna come with for some bro shower action?"

*Bros singing Taylor Swift in terrible falsetto voices. "That's such a good song bro, I don't know who you are, but this is a great bro shower."
by Joe Resaurus Rex January 10, 2010
Top Definition
A hoard of bros, who not only stroll down the halls together screaming obnoxious obscenities, but also monopolize the showers with their communal chants and brotherly affection.
I couldn't take a dump when the bro showers were happening because their incessant shouting made my shit scared.
by charlie_sheen March 06, 2011
bromance and sausage fest complete with lil' wayne blaring from a shower radio.
Dude, Lil Wayne is blaring from the bathroom. There must be another bro shower going on.
by scott_edison March 06, 2011
A rite of custom widely practiced in both Europe and North America where two or more heterosexual male friends take a shower together. Once the participants are undressed and under the running water together, one or more of the men will pee on the chest of the other men present in a display of acceptance and trust. It is widely regarded as a faux pas to direct the urine stream away from one's showermate(s) (i.e. towards the drain) as it is generally perceived as an affront to the bonds of friendship.

In recent years, the bro shower has grown wildly in popularity and has mostly replaced the antiquated handshake as the standard way of bonding with another heterosexual male.
"You seem like a pretty chill dude. Why don't we go to my place for a bro shower together to make this friendship official?"
by Gay Abortions September 19, 2011
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