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Bro chilling is when a man sticks his hand down his pants and just kind of parks it there. No rubbing or anything dirty, just chilling out maxing relaxing all cool.
Girl: It's so gross, whenever I talk to my boyfriend he is always bro chilling.
Guy: Hey that's not gross, it's just bro chilling, ya' know? It's so comfy.
by Zebulon M. Pike February 13, 2009
to relax and/or engage in leisure activities with other bros; to chill with one or more bros
Noah: "What are you doing tonight?"
Matt: "Nothin, wanna brochill?"
Noah: "Yeah bro, I'll bring the gamecube"

Chris: "Bro, I'm stoked for this weekend"
Ryan: "Yeah, bro, it's gonna be gnarly- we'll ski all day and then brochill at the chalet."
by American Ninja January 23, 2008
to chill with 1 or more bro's.
Niggah 1: i ended up bailin on that party bro

Niggah 2: alright yo you tryna brochill tonight?

Niggah 1: yeah yo ill bring the 360

Niggah 2: aiight thats wassup
by None of your business tool November 10, 2010

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