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Probably one of the most underrated DJ's ever.
Has been producing for quite some time, but is just now becoming known since people realized trap music is actually some good shit.
Toured with Skrillex, Valentino Khan, ETC! ETC!, UFO, and many others, and is now headlining some events.
A very large chuck of his music has been given out free, too.
Dude: Hey, have you heard of Bro Safari?
Ignorant Dude: Bro whut?
Later that night...
Ignorant Dude: *checks out Bro Safari*
Ignorant Dude: *Mind is blown by sheer dope-ness*
by PotatoesAreaVegetable? February 15, 2014
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A pack with upwards of 5 or more bros typically hunting for alcohol and/or sexual gratification.
Bro 1: "Hey bros, let's hunt for the 3 p's!"
Bro 2: "Parties!"
Bro 3: "Pabst!"
Bro 4: "And pussy!"

All in unison: "Cool bro safari bro!"
by friendan November 28, 2012
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