A house where bro's congregate, usually throwing fat ass parties on the weekends. Many bro-hoes are often screwed in one designated room, four-ways and or three-somes are also commonly seen in these rooms. During the day, Bro's commonly "Bro-Out", playing Wii sports and usually smoking marajuana. A bro-house is hardly ever clean, and furniture can smell like sweat and vaginas. Spitters are usually found around a Bro House full of chewing tobacco spit. 2 or more bros can be found at a Bro House at all times, and the front door is hardly ever locked. Bro houses are almost certain to be busted at least one time during their partying escapades, and are found usually in middle-class neighborhoods often owned by a Bro's parent.
by Bro-fraiz,TimShady, Colt-daddy September 02, 2010

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