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When two straight men love to be around each other and have fun doing things such as movies, video games, lunch/dinner, and going chick hunting
Me and Rick went on our bro date and we went to the movies. . . . I love hanging with him. . .I have such a Bro Crush on him.
by Ritz347 April 05, 2009
A homosocial situation where one male is attracted to another, but the latter doesn't necessarily reciprocate this attraction. Precedes bromance, and may not result in a mutual brolationship.
Mitchell fondly and openly talked about his brocrush Paul; sadly, Paul was never aware of these affections.
by buckedchuck April 17, 2009
When two dudes wanna touch dongs, but know they can't.
Aaron: Dude, Ryan totally has a bro-crush on you!
Zack: I know!!! But im not sure if that's a bad thing. ;)
by the Sledge November 06, 2008
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