A blunt or weed cigar used to stay blazed all day
Johnny Smoked a B-Rizzy on the way to the graveyard to cap on hoes
by Blunt Boyy November 04, 2009
Top Definition
The state capital of Queensland, Australia. More formally known as Brisbane.
"I'm heading up to Brizzy on the weekend to see ma and da."
by Flynn Mac November 30, 2007
other word for blow job or head
yo bitch give me some brizzy
by OY BLYA August 22, 2003
Brizzy is the combination of being named an white-Caucasian girl name "Brittany", while also being deeply in love and/or obsessed with Drizzy Drake.

Brizzy is one badass crazy white hoe who pounds hard and knows how to role with the dark meat boys. She has to fit both having the name "Brittany" while knowing every lyric to every Drake song.
A smooth talking badbitch.
"Hey Dante, did you see that bitch going wild singing at Drake's concert last night"

"yeaaahhh...she was definitely a Brizzy, that crazyass hoe"
by Brizzzzbaby January 30, 2012
An overly sarcastic chick in denial that she works out of a trailer
-Why does she consistently responds with "I'm so sure" and "HOLLER!"?

-What can I say, she sounds like a Brizzy.
by Pooty Tang July 24, 2006
A suddent change in weather, commonly in the fall season when wind picks up
"Woah is it me or did it get really brizzy out of nowhere"
by A.August October 14, 2007
when the breeze/wind whips thru your hair and makes it frizzy like a fro
"My hair is brizzy today!"
by BelovedHope January 03, 2005
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