beautiful sexy lady, her face makes me feel so fine!! i luv her so much
by beauty June 03, 2003
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An amazing, carefree girl. The girl that is very quiet at first but has a burning desire to be the best she can be and the best friend she could be. Very giddy and likes to go on adventures. Very spirited in everything that she does.
I climbed a tree the other day, it was so britty of me.
by chozen January 26, 2010
the essence of being chill; or just chillen
I havent done anything but me britty all day.
by SuperFenomino April 11, 2009
Adjective to describe all things British.

This word was invented by Stephanie and Hannah High School in Brownsville, TX.
Bangers and eggy in a basket? How britty of you!!
by Stephanie Mumbleberry December 12, 2006
No one CAB define Britty. She is not a person but an image of all that is made in the likeness of Britty including but not limited to: cool disco yellow pants, a feehan applicant, obsesser over Jamie, and chocolate ice cream.
I love mah BRITTY-KINS
by brittany March 12, 2004
unkempt asexual girl, looks emo/indie but is not. doesn't say much to people she doesn't like. is annoyed by almost everyone. looks cute in a red wig, sometimes says funny stuff. her northwestern fake boyfriend says she is rad. has a sweet quiet voice, almost scary cos it's so child like. is artistic and can play bass, sorta. loves kim deal.
"my bass can kick your guitar's ass."
by Hey by Pixies October 21, 2004
britty is da koolest person she smellllyyy

britt rox
by julzie June 19, 2003

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