A beautiful girl who can be mean at times but tries really hard to be nice and make new friends. She gets jealous real easily when she tries not to.
Oh she must be a Brittney, she's really pretty.
by Its.Me.Duh January 04, 2015
Brittney is absolutely perfect in every way possible and she deserves a guy equally as perfect.. Like someone named Braydon cause its proven that Braydon's have big Johnson's
<3 Brittney <3
by Ilovebrittney July 13, 2014
a young compassionate girl whom is very beautiful and HOT with a GREAT sense of humor which all guys esspesialy guys named DYLAN would want to go out with those two make a great

match with each other since she has a sexy body and him to
"I would really like to go out with Brittney."
"sorry man she is already taken by Dylan."
by loksa June 12, 2015
A beautiful girl with both sass and class. She's one of those girls that guys want to date, and girls want to be friends with. She's usually very social, and loves to shop.
Guy : Who's that hottie?
Girl: Her name's Brittney.
Guy: Wow, is she single?
Girl: I don't know, but I am totally going to be her friend!
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by Jalsey March 27, 2016
Brittney is a insecure girl who doesn't trust well, and will give anything to have a real friend that she can trust. But is beautiful and once you get her trust don't mess it up because she will never forgive you.
Friend: who's that?
Friend: the girl that's all alone?
Me: oh that's Brittney. If you become friends with her don't break her trust.
by ~Big Booty0; June 06, 2015
Trashy, fugly white trash slut who ruins your relationship by trying to suck your boyfriend's limp dick.
Brittney is a trashy little slut
by slim.fit.badasfuck.fuxwitmeboo October 13, 2015
Pretty, popular, is freaking awesome, good @ one sport usually, red head, perfect, has her favorite snack, has a secret list in her room of the bitches and the rulers, knows all nicky minaj songs by heart and tends to get her way, always has a boyfriend, the only time when the word jealous happens to her... it's when someone is being jealous of her. prettiest girl on eath and did i mention pretty? And thats me!
"OMG thats brittney walking down the hall!"
"OMG she is the perfect of the perfect!"
"I so wish I was her!"

"Yes everyone it is ~Brittney~ better take pictures now, cause I gotta run, cant be caught talking to you losers!"

"She amazing!"
by ~Brittney~ July 01, 2012
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