A girl who get commonly mistaken for an ogre or wild beast of some sort. That blinds you with her ugliness.
Oh wait nevermind it's just Brittney.
by YO-IM-DA-BESTEST January 13, 2015
A beautiful girl who can be mean at times but tries really hard to be nice and make new friends. She gets jealous real easily when she tries not to.
Oh she must be a Brittney, she's really pretty.
by Its.Me.Duh January 04, 2015
Brittney is absolutely perfect in every way possible and she deserves a guy equally as perfect.. Like someone named Braydon cause its proven that Braydon's have big Johnson's
<3 Brittney <3
by Ilovebrittney July 13, 2014
Pretty, popular, is freaking awesome, good @ one sport usually, red head, perfect, has her favorite snack, has a secret list in her room of the bitches and the rulers, knows all nicky minaj songs by heart and tends to get her way, always has a boyfriend, the only time when the word jealous happens to her... it's when someone is being jealous of her. prettiest girl on eath and did i mention pretty? And thats me!
"OMG thats brittney walking down the hall!"
"OMG she is the perfect of the perfect!"
"I so wish I was her!"

"Yes everyone it is ~Brittney~ better take pictures now, cause I gotta run, cant be caught talking to you losers!"

"She amazing!"
by ~Brittney~ July 01, 2012
An ugly ass weak ass bitch who thinks she is amazing. She tends to think she is a princess and gets everything she wants. She is very hypocritical and can be a huge cry baby even when you tell her to get out of bed for school. She thinks she is amazing, but when it is time for her to put her fists where her mouth is she is very scared unless she has people there to pull the other person off. She is also popular because she sleeps with ugly guys that tend to have stds. She is gross.
"That bitch thinks she is the shit."
"Yeah, I know Brittney always talks shit but is too scared to fight."
by truthfulbitch:* June 05, 2014
a socially awkward person
Brittney is the human form of the socially awkward penguin.
by adgjgjg February 08, 2011
The ugly way to spell Brittany or Brittany. If you know a Brittney, you probably wish you didn't. She is a mean person, who can not be trusted. She is also a fugly slut whore and skank. She tends to be a Bitch at times, earning the nickname Bitchney. If you know her, you probably know that she compares herself to Mary Poppins, thinking she is perfect in every way. (Which she is not) She also likes to TRY to steal your men. So, ladies, LOCK HIM UP! She tends to think she is the hottest thing to walk this earth, when in reality, she is quite ugly.
Girl: hey Honey, lets go indoors.
Boy: why?
Girl: she looks like a Brittney.
Boy: oh no!


she looks kinda bitchy, she must be a Brittney.

She isn't very pretty.
Yea... I think she's a Brittney
by secret sav May 26, 2012

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