Brittneys aren't always sluts, anyone can be. The name Brittney relates to britain.
look at everyone, names don't make people anything, they make themselves who they are. "brittney is a name'
by twilightfan17 January 24, 2009
1. Commonly mistaken for a slut-name(for reasons unknown), Brittneys are often sweet, sexy, creative, beautiful creatures who enjoy walking through malls with friends and shouting various names for reproductive organs. Should you ever encounter a Brittney, give her lots of love, and it will eventually come back to you in the form of kisses, cuddles, and the occasional poop joke

2. To give or recieve blue-balls
1. "Guy 1: Hey look, it's that Smeyers girl!
Guy 2: Man, she's a total Brittney"

2. "Something's wrong with my junk, dude. I think I got Brittney'd"
by Tittycockballslololol <3 March 08, 2010
Brittney is a sexybeast who all the guys want!! She is amazing in bed and is a keeper; if you ever get the chance to be with her stay with her she'll be the best you EVER had (:
She's got to be a BRITTNEY ; i just got a boner
by onlytheebaddest December 26, 2010
Brittney.. a girl who is often underestimated, they are extremely beautiful with or without make-up, they have the most unique personality that no other girl in the world has, they are funny, fun to be around,and cute,they dont really like hugs and people staring at there awsome body, once you talk to them.. instantly you will not want to stop talking to her even if they have to go
Guy: Who's that??!
Guy 2: Dude how do you not know brittney shes the best
by Tayloringallday December 08, 2012
Brittney's are the type of girls you'd want to be around. Most people assume they r either sluts or they want to be left alone, but really they r amazing people who r just too afraid to show everyone who they are. They have unique personalities and a great sense of humor. They can always make u smile and something as simple as texting a brittney will make u happy. All Brittney's are really pretty in one or multiple ways! often a kid at heart as well. If u have a Brittney in your life consider yourself lucky. Dont let her go, You will regret it!
Person: She's so quiet!
Person 2: well what do u expect? shes a brittney

stranger: wow she's beautiful! i'd like to hang with her!
stranger 2: I know dude! that's Brittney!
by BriEsp January 20, 2013
One of the most beautiful, angelic people on planet Earth. Her deep blue eyes are very similar to diamonds, and her amazing smile can make anyone happy. Anyone who gets to meet Brittney is among the luckiest of people on Earth.
She's so amazing and pretty. She's a total Brittney.
by UpTop May 22, 2011
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