Brittney most often defined as a fat assed bacon eating canadian making history being the girl dreaming of pumkins not as a coach but as in huge greasy pies that will add to the zits on their face hoping to find a blind man to read the bumps on her face that say "I'm a pig and it's good that you're blind so you can't see how fucking hideous the craters on my fat ass match my face. Really just another wanna be whore but cannot supply change for a dime so she has to settle for being a slut and give it away
Dude, that decease ridden Brittney the ten cent whore , took on the New Orleans Saints for a dollar last nite and let them all have seconds for free as a bonus for being the second rated super bowl winners !!
by the jester of all jesters February 07, 2010
Top Definition
the girl you are secretly in love with but, you cant show how you really feel because your friends are always on your case about her; teasing about when you two would are going to go out and something happened just recently and now you two dont talk very much and you appear to be slipping away from each other. Thats a bad thing because you 2 were meant to be with each other... no matter what. so save this. make the first move or you'l regret it the rest of your life.
You are Brittney are meant to be.
Its fate.
by I love her - cory December 09, 2008
A girl that commonly gets mistaken for a slut or being easy, but often is a smart and beautiful person. She knows what she is talking about and can be very wise.

The nicest sweetes person you will ever meet
She is always there for you.

Females whose parents thought the name was beautiful. Mostly over used in the 13-27 year old age bracket. Often mistaken as a slut most brittney's dispise the name for the confusion that they are whores

A female name, most commonly used in America for girls born in the 80's and 90's. Usually a very unique and outgoing person who makes friends with everyone. Commonly mistaken as a slut (by jealous women) because they often have more friends of the opposite sex (usually football players, wrestlers, swim team hotties, and other types jocks)

Brittney's are usually that girl who dates the QB and gets homecomeing queen. They are also the adventurous type (ex. sky diving, bungee jumping)

They fall for men easily and hate being descibed as a whore
man brittneys are awesome i wish i was one:)
by derrick456489756 October 25, 2008
Brittney-- a name that makes a girl who she is...she is often beautiful, wise and outgoing. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Has a good sense of humor and often mistaken for being fake. She can keep up with anyone, the boys, the goody too-shoes, and the jones'. Pretty package inside and out. Takes care of herself and the people she loves. She works hard and plays even harder. Never under estimate the power of a Brittney, for you will be shocked at her capabilities! Guys love us and girls hate us!!!
by mystiqchik June 20, 2010
A beautiful girl often mistaken for a slut. When most people see a Brittney they usually have something that makes them standout (Large Boobs, Ass, Eyes, etc..) Brittneys are nice and caring. Often have many haters and take everything to heart if you ever meet a Brittney don't let her go, she'll go really far with you and won't give you second chances often. They have amazing personalities and can be annoying at times. Not to mention total badasses, always the first to do something.
Sam: Dammmmn!

Riley: What?

Sam: Check her out!

Riley: Oh that's brittney.

Sam: She's HOT

Riley: Yeah & She has a nice personality.

Sam: AND SHE'S FUCKING HOT! I'd tap that!

Riley: No Shit.
by MusicRomance May 25, 2010
Usually a brown haired girl who loves to talk. She is exceptionally intelligent and loves to learn new things. She is crazy and random. Usually a loud mouth and doesn't know when to stop talking. But she is loved by all. Brittneys are very caring. Sometimes she gets on people's nerves due to her smart-mouth. But all in all, she's a great girl.
Person 1 - She won't stop talking!
Person 2 - Duh, she's a Brittney...
by PaulerSmaller July 07, 2011
More than a name something like an attitude. Verb. Meaning, fly-ness, sweetness, all nature no weaves or tracks. Smart, independent, fun, A show off, & most importantly Jaeda's Mommy, a student, a party girl & more. There can only be one all else are copies.
I going to act a brittney at the club
by Ms. Brittney Chere December 11, 2008
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