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Brittnee is one of the most beautiful names in history. If your name is Brittnee, you are most likely very pretty. Smart. Sensitive. Tall.
Look at that girl! She has GOT to be a Brittnee!!
by Chellesbs June 21, 2011
82 35
The Greatest Girl i know.....she is always loving and the sexiest girl on gods green earth. I Love You Brit!!!!
She Is Like The One Thing In Life You Cant Live Without!!!!!
by Kurt Carpenter March 30, 2005
154 80
The best PiMp in the whole wide world!
Hey do you know Brittnee? Hell yes, she is like the coolest person ever!
by MattWhore March 11, 2005
115 73
a stupid whore who really wants to go out with you but u dont wanna go out with her cuz ur dating a better chick named courtney.
stupid brittnee wont fucking leave me alone!!! fuck!!!
by dkowarrior August 01, 2009
55 152