A two timing bitch of a whore who you could drive a transfer truck into her huge ass vagina. Cheats on everyone by fucking other Guys and nicknamed the Alaskan pipeline. Whore. Plain whore.
Brittany Adams
by Fuckyoubitchney1 January 10, 2014
Dumb blond(e) with poor relationship judgements bordering on masochism.

Symptoms are found in many girls in bad relationships that are too attached to truly move on even when something better is directly in front of their face. We all wish them luck in all future endeavors and hope that they find some light in the darkness.
Don't be such a BRITTANY and break up with him already!
by Toffee&Tal July 22, 2013
also known as titany due to huge tits
dude did you see that brittany!
by supersick3000 May 05, 2010
Compared closely to Dr.Jeckell Mr. Hyde. A narcissistic sociopath who prays on her closest "friends." Will steal the shirt off your back and deny involvement. Most selfish person you will ever meet. No sense of loyalty or responsibility. This could be caused by her amphetamine psychosis. It's real. If you see a Brittany do not approach. If she steals cash from friends she won't hesitate to steal your children. She will do an amazing job trying to convince you she cares for you. In reality she is not capable of connecting on a human level. She has all the signs and tendencies of a serial killer. Beware.
Hey! That's Brittany's hand in the tip jar again!
#bitch #selfish #hideous #coniving #malicious #pathalogical liar #junkie #karmas a bitch
by Rason May 12, 2013
Alien lesbian
Brittany's an alien lesbian so she can do whatever the fuck she wants to do!
by apersonwhomadethisdefinition September 25, 2011
A fucking cunt who does not shave anything. She usually changes her hair colour and everyone talks shit behind her back. She is a complete troll who has a very hairy vagina. A brittany is usually obsessed with sex and has a new boyfriend every five minutes. She has no life and stays home all day snapchatting her family. Brittany's may be attractive at first sight, but eventually you will learn they are boring whores who love money. A brittany is one of the worst friends you can have and sometimes queefs at the dinner table. She usually sends pictures of her cumming vagina to her lovers and hangs up pictures of her vag on her walls. Do not date a Brittany, and if u do u can remember that u were warned!
Man: hey I met a hot chick named brittany last night.

Woman: watch out she probs has a hairy vagina that will eat u in the night.
by hahahayousuckdick1 June 17, 2013
the girl nextdoor. a beautiful most of the time funny and stupid girl. We we walk into poles for a reason and pee our selfs from stupidity.
OMG like your such a brittany.
by britneee March 22, 2008

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