The worlds amazing kisser. She's way better at kissing than any other guy out there. Especially the ones who think they are better at kissing than she is. She is just the best out there.
Omg Brittany you kiss way better than anyome I know!
Brittany is way better at kissing than Austin!
by smartestpersononearth May 12, 2014
A dick loving, whore piece of shit
God that fucking Brittany has another std 😱
by Sassypantslikeohhhh May 12, 2015
A self centered backstabbing bitch. Doesn't know how to keep friends for longer than 8 months. Also she is very spoiled and bratty and when she doesn't get her way she throws huge fits in public.
Person 1: Who are you staring at?
Person 2: That Brittany over there is throwing one of her fits again.
by nirvaana March 07, 2015
The act of sitting upon a wet surface, thus resulting in an uncomfortably saturated posterior.
We went camping and it rained the entire time. Each one of us sorry bitches got brittanyed before the night was over.

wet booty ass what the f*ck
by Captain PK October 18, 2011
The most amazing girl in the world. She is beautiful and has an amazing personality in the world, when she finds the guy she will be with forever, she will keep him.
Brittany is the most amazing and sweetest girlfriend ever.
by Todd dalon January 21, 2013
A very awkward female who can have racist comments and is very perverted.She has moments where shes just "Wtf" and has her random words like Moo,She usually can not get her animal sounds right.She loves her friends and usually hates being made fun of,yet she'll make fun of someone else. She is the type of person who has your back. Everyone loves a Brittany.Brittany's usually have no religious views,and liek a lot of things c:
Destiny:Hey what religious views do you have
Brittany:I'm Athiest
Destiny:Holy jizz!

Grace:Cum on
by KayleeNicole October 08, 2011
Really awesome person who always has a good time and makes people laugh. Carefree and does not have a penis nor a weight problem contrary to the above entries.
Hey look, that girl is rad...she must be a Brittany
by megasharkalodon February 04, 2010

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