a girl who normally has blonde hair about shoulder legth, lives with a divorced parent and has one sibling. shes probably really nice to everyone but might swear sometimes around friends. may be religious but also probably pretty good in school. she most likely has broken one or two bones in her lifetime, particularly wrist ankle or knee bones. she probably plays an non-wind instrument like guitar or piano. usually the youngest in her family. born in one of the fall months.
by brittanydefiner September 22, 2009
Someone who is highly intelligent, mysterious, and beautiful. Who knows that it is not Cogito ergo sum, it is Lego ergo sum. Will someday be a household name among those with IQ's above room temperature.
Wow. She's a real Brittany. Maybe I should ask her out.
by My_Characters December 20, 2008
a girl who somehow makes her way to popularity, sometime in a goo wholesome way and is whole hearted and deserves to be popular, but sometime that is not true. it is common that a brittany is slut and/or bitch, sometime two faced, she surrounds herself with ugly girls and hates on the girls who are actually pretty, sometime unlike her. sometimes brittanys fool themselves into thinking they are popular but are really hated. Brittany are usually not the sharpest tool in the shed, and alot of the time they're fucking retarded, if you can find a nice, sinlge faced, popular birttany, who's also smart, AND liked you..... I applaud you man :P

see "alpha bitch"
example #1
guy1:"hey have you seem brittany?"
guy2:*laughter*"wow, how is she popular?"
guy1:"she's such a bitch"
brittany:"you guys are losers"

example #2
girl1:"did you see *girls2*'s hair today, its pretty"
brittany:"ugh! she's such a cunt!"
(this on'es a true story, happened to me)

example #3
guy1:"hey i got a new gf."
guy2:"what's her name?"
*guys 1&2 laugh*
guy1:"no she's actually nice!"
guy2:"Don't lie!"
Females whose parents thought the name was beautiful. Mostly over used in the 13-27 year old age bracket. Often mistaken as a slut most brittany's dispise the name for the confusion that they are whores
"I can't believe there is 5 other girls in my class named brittany. and they are all STUPID!"
by Brittany Smoot January 05, 2008
Bringer of doom.
Mistress of the apocalypse.
Stealer of the gummy bears.
Consumer of the Monster drink.
Rocker of the socks.
Claims to be Batman.
Brittany. That's that one chick, right? I swear I know her.
by frickfrackgi October 09, 2008
the type of person who often daze off in a middle of a convosation...you talk shit bout her she wont give a dam not unless its about her family then your in for it...shes the type of girl that is beautiful smart funny blonde at times buht no1s complaning...
man brittanys dad is gay...

dude you wish you never went there
by blondpoweroflove March 05, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the world, but u r most likely to get hooked on her, then she will break ur heart.
man #1: I was thinking about asking out brittany. You think i should?

man #2: Probably not she tends to crush guys, after she dated them.
by Dustine February 26, 2007

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