an insanely GORGEOUS and amazing friend. Is very mixed and is adorably bow-legged, and has an adorable boyfriend and they go together like peanut-butter and jelly. She has really curly black hair and the most beautiful brown eyes and is an all around great person. She's extremely weird and is known for starting trends and loves colourful hair and skinny jeans. Doesn't take anyone's shit and is so amazing and a wonderful listener, she leaves many people bewildered as to how she is so wonderful. She keeps her friend circle tight and is an amazing judge of character and is extremely smart---all honours classes. It doesn't get any better than this beautiful girl and if you're lucky enough to have her as your friend, get to know her.
1. Gosh, she's so amazing and PRETTY! I wish I was a Brittany!

2. Perfection in it's most human form.
by TheMagicConchShell April 07, 2013
the most beautiful girl ive ever seen with my eyes...the most amazing girlfriend i will ever have...the girl i will marry:3 shes so easy to love:3 -travis
Im so lucky to have Brittany
by HelloTherree July 10, 2011
a solid and loyal friend who is always there whenever you need her. brittanys are always willing to go above and beyond for there friends. Brittanys make horrible enemys cause they hold very strong grudges, it is very hard to get on a brittanys bad side but when you do watch out. brittanys will not tolerate being disrespected . Brittanys love there familys and friends very dearly and love to see everyone who is special to them happy, so they will try there best to make good things happen for there friends and family. A very good friend to have indeed.
wow she is so nice , she is such a brittany.
by sillylilly February 02, 2010
Brittany is a really pretty girl who loves pizza and Taco Bell, Dyeing her hair and piercings, Lord Of The Rings and Supernatural. And many other things. Shes quite a amazing person who can make alot of people smile. She's quite hardworking actually but hates her job but jk loves it. If you get a chance to meet her you are actually greatly lucky cause like i said shes a amazing person.
Brittany is quite a beautiful, gorgeous, pretty uh just everything nice and the person writing this definition is very happy he met her and is quite a sweet nigga for her. When she reads this definition he hopes it makes her smile cause her smile is one things that makes the author of this quite happy.
by RandomSweetDude December 18, 2014
Brittany: A person who always looks on the bright side of life. A person who always smiles and is a genuinely happy person. With her optimism, she can comfort anyone who might be having a bad day. Brittany's are bless with an amazing imagination and are extremely sweet individuals. Moreover, they are very beautiful, sophisticated, unique, smart, and selfless. Without question, if a Brittany walks into a room, everyone else is suddenly less cool, but she still let's everyone shine! That is the true greatness of the meaning behind Brittany.
Person 1: I was having a bad day and then I heard someone laughing and suddently my day got better!

Person 2: You must have heard Brittany. Brittany's can always make you're day!

Person 1: You must be right! I am loving my life right now!
by cinnamon9867 October 24, 2012
The best person you could ever wish to know, sweet lovable and kind, they will always try to help out when they can, and are random and fun. Beautiful but insecure at the same time, they defiantly require priority among your friends if you are lucky enough to have one in there.
"Man I wish I could have a Brittany as a friend"
"She's to good for you to even have as a friend bro"
by Kotah December 03, 2011
A beautiful, cute, funny, smart and is the most sexy girl in every way. She seems sweet and innocent on the outside in general public, but whoever dates a Brittany is going to have a sexy and wild girl who wants to have fun when alone with her ;) She is the true real life Wonder Woman. Every guy wishes they had a Brittany. She needs a real man or she'll break an Average person.
Guy 1: "Hey is 'Guy 3' dating Brittany?!"

Guy 2: "Lucky Bastard! I want a Brittany!!!!!! ALL CAPS RAGE!!!!"
by Th@t1@siangUy July 13, 2011
A girl who is born in Canada in the 1980's. Brittany's are very attractive, popular, and have good hearts. Everyone wishes to be as cool as the Brittany's and are jealous when they can't compare. Sometimes Brittany's are a little blonde, but it's simply because they love life and laughing, and enjoy seeing other people laugh as well. Brittany’s are usually envied by less popular people. They judge themselves a lot, when indeed not necessary. Brittany’s can be insecure but they shouldn't be, people try to bring them down but Brittany’s will always end up winning...they need to realize how wonderful they are. Guys are intimidated to ask them out just because Brittany’s are so unique and awesome. Guys should know that Brittany’s are the most amazing girls, and the only reason a Brittany will be single is because the guys she knows aren't good enough for her. She can be a bit shy around people at first but when she gets to know you she opens up and is so much fun to be around. A girl that commonly gets mistaken for a slut or being easy, but often is a smart and beautiful person. Brittany's don’t let anyone mess with their friends and get really defensive and sometimes go over the top. They sometimes like to get mad when she doesn’t have her own. She is usually a "good girl" to the people that don’t know her but is a "bad girl" at heart.
Damn that Brittany's HOT! But she's too good for me!
by BrittanySpearsIsASexGoddess April 25, 2011

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