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an insanely GORGEOUS and amazing friend. Is very mixed and is adorably bow-legged, and has an adorable boyfriend and they go together like peanut-butter and jelly. She has really curly black hair and the most beautiful brown eyes and is an all around great person. She's extremely weird and is known for starting trends and loves colourful hair and skinny jeans. Doesn't take anyone's shit and is so amazing and a wonderful listener, she leaves many people bewildered as to how she is so wonderful. She keeps her friend circle tight and is an amazing judge of character and is extremely smart---all honours classes. It doesn't get any better than this beautiful girl and if you're lucky enough to have her as your friend, get to know her.
1. Gosh, she's so amazing and PRETTY! I wish I was a Brittany!

2. Perfection in it's most human form.
by TheMagicConchShell April 07, 2013
3 3
she is a amazing sister, but sometimes likes to get mad when she doesnt have her own way , she is a very nice person , but she will leave you for her lover , she might just ignro you and things might never be the same. shes kinda a gangster , acts like one but isnt . she talks the talk and walks the walk . she is narley !
hey wanna ride my skate borad ,

sure dude !

wow , dude that was narley man.

hey , wanna go back to my house and feed my gold fish and then listen to wheel of fortune?

uhh , sorry braa im to narely to hang with old people.

but ... im 18 ?

* brittany runs away with the skate borad.
by darkvader69 November 05, 2010
29 27
A two timing bitch of a whore who you could drive a transfer truck into her huge ass vagina. Cheats on everyone by fucking other Guys and nicknamed the Alaskan pipeline. Whore. Plain whore.
Brittany Adams
by Fuckyoubitchney1 January 10, 2014
4 3
Dumb blond(e) with poor relationship judgements bordering on masochism.

Symptoms are found in many girls in bad relationships that are too attached to truly move on even when something better is directly in front of their face. We all wish them luck in all future endeavors and hope that they find some light in the darkness.
Don't be such a BRITTANY and break up with him already!
by Toffee&Tal July 22, 2013
2 1
The most awesome name ever other than ice cream.
Person one: Oh I hear her name is Brittany.
Person two: Oh, speaking of Brittanys, let's get ice cream
by baby eating narwhal February 21, 2011
19 18
The girl of my dreams who i cang get out my head who will always brighten up my day. The girl whos name cannot be spoken in some parts of New York cuz ill fuckin apear out of no where like batman. The girl who can always be coutned on even when ou feel betrayed. The girl who no matter what looks beautiful just because she is who she is, not to mention she has a slammin body that most people can only dream of and wish theu could have. The girl who deserves much more than you can give and trying to marry her would be disrespectful because she deserves your whole life to spend one minute with her. Finally the girl who can make me smile even when im mad at her
Brittany is so beautiful you cant look at her unless you wear two pairs of sunglasses.
by Bam678910 July 16, 2014
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A very sweet girl, possibly the sweetest most generous girl you will ever meet, very loving and always there to help out when you need her. She makes the best friend anyone can have. Very inspiring girl with loads of potential.

Britney has the best smile ive ever seen, so sweet that it just brightens their day when people see her. They are mostly born with red hair, and with eyes that can light up any room she walks into. She has great fasion style and never boring always the life of the party. They are always honest and loyal will never tell your secrets and will always be there for her family and her friends. She can be shy till you get to know her, but then look out here comes brittany!
Guy: wow! who is that girl? She seems so sweet, is she always that reserved?
girl: That's Brittany. She can be shy till you get to know her, but then she is the funniest and sweetest person you have ever met!
by Kaybug December 18, 2013
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Brittany is a crazy brunette with brownish green eyes. She could be your bestfriend or worst enemy. If you're her bestfriend than your lucky. She's got your back whenever you need her and she'll forget what made you sad in three minutes. She's the best friend you could ever want. She's funny, caring, beautiful, kind, hyper, excited, etc. she doesn't care what you think about her and she does what she wants. She makes the life of Sabrina the greatest.
Is that Brittany? Wow she's beautiful!
I wish I were as funny as Brittany.
by The meatball April 13, 2013
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