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an insanely GORGEOUS and amazing friend. Is very mixed and is adorably bow-legged, and has an adorable boyfriend and they go together like peanut-butter and jelly. She has really curly black hair and the most beautiful brown eyes and is an all around great person. She's extremely weird and is known for starting trends and loves colourful hair and skinny jeans. Doesn't take anyone's shit and is so amazing and a wonderful listener, she leaves many people bewildered as to how she is so wonderful. She keeps her friend circle tight and is an amazing judge of character and is extremely smart---all honours classes. It doesn't get any better than this beautiful girl and if you're lucky enough to have her as your friend, get to know her.
1. Gosh, she's so amazing and PRETTY! I wish I was a Brittany!

2. Perfection in it's most human form.
by TheMagicConchShell April 07, 2013
The nicest sweetes person you will ever meet
She is always there for you.
"Man, I wish I was friends with Brittany!"

"Yea, she is sooo nice."
by bln1592 May 02, 2008
A girl that commonly gets mistaken for a slut or being easy, but often is a smart and beautiful person. She knows what she is talking about and can be very wise.
Tim: Brittany looks like good ass for tonight!
Rob: Shes pretty but shes more than just ass, Tim, shes an actual person dude.
Tim: Really? I guess I can see that, she always was really cool.
by Sillylady March 12, 2008
The most beautiful girl. This chick is HOT. She's got great legs and one hell of an ass. She's so awesome, they even named a freakin country after her in between Britain and France.
DAYYUMM!! Shes deff a Brittany, she's so gorgous!
by Gabe Shappy July 17, 2007
The most amazing chick anybody could ever meet. She knows how to have fun with anything, and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. Shes gorgeous and she knows it, as well as a great kisser.
You know that chick Brittany?
by EBrooks09 September 19, 2008
Brittany is the most honest and wonderful person in the world. You can rely on her for anything and she always has your back. She can make a bad day good and is always there when you need her. Brittany is beautiful and blonde. She is a great friend and a kind hearted person always looking after those in need. She is weird and random and thats why she is loved. She can make anyone laugh and is the most beautiful person inside and out.
Brittany = best friend
by jett_m_c_ February 04, 2010
A beautiful girl who enjoys hanging out with friends and cracking jokes. She is commonly found cooking, at church, or laughing. She is unique, original, and nothing can be compared to her. She's very sweet but honest. She's also an artist and can sing and play guitar quite well.
by CarlyYao26 November 18, 2009
The "baddest" female on Earth. She is a down to earth girl but she keeps it real. She loves her haters && will never let them get to her. People love to hate on her && tell lies in her but sje knows she's a bad bytch.
Boy: Damn Brittany u bad
by Sunnyy Dee August 15, 2009