Miss America's Sweetheart! Brittany is an attractive, out going, and hilarious women. She has a good heart and puts everyone before herself. She's there for you whenever you need her and has your back 100%. Brittany lives life to the fullest, laughing, and having a great time. She is a little blonde and ditzy at times but thats her. Literally everyone loves Brittany. She's beautiful and smart and loves to make everyone laugh. It's usuaslly difficult to get on Brittany's bad side but if you do, watch out! She will not tolerate any bullshit, lies, and disrespect! Not only is she a good hearted person but shes very wild and kinky when you close the bedroom door. ;p All around Brittany is wonderful, cute, outgoing, funny, smart, sexy women! So be jealous! ;p
Damn, this Brittany girl seems like the perfect girl for me!
by bflickc October 18, 2011
a wonderful girl, who is called a slut and tramp by her mother but who is loved my her friends because she is a very sweet, strong, and smart, girl, even when she gets treated like crap by her mother. She helps her friends out when they need a friend to talk to or need to get somewhere. She is a loyal friend who is kind and caring to everyone around her and she fights for her friends and herself, but someday she will grow to be a powerful woman.
I love my Best Friend Brittany because she is always there for me and she understands how i feel and we have fun times together.
by cuddlebug92 July 06, 2011
Can be a lot of fun, if not a little dramatic.
Falls for asshole guys.
Is usally full of crap, telling lie after lie after lie, even if she doesn't really want to.
Does a lot of stuff for attention.
Is freaking beautiful, which can help with her manipulating personality.
Will stand up for her friends when someone tries to break them down; only SHE can mess with her friends!
Eats a lot despite being super skinny.
Wow, that girl is so gorgeous!
Watch out, she's trouble...
What do yo mean?
Her names BRITTANY.
by THATSwhatSHEsaid(; April 28, 2011
The act of sitting upon a wet surface, thus resulting in an uncomfortably saturated posterior.
We went camping and it rained the entire time. Each one of us sorry bitches got brittanyed before the night was over.

wet booty ass what the f*ck
by Captain PK October 18, 2011
They are girls who like black meat. They have black girl asses & their cool af !
Dude 1 ; Ayee look at that ass
A two timing bitch of a whore who you could drive a transfer truck into her huge ass vagina. Cheats on everyone by fucking other Guys and nicknamed the Alaskan pipeline. Whore. Plain whore.
Brittany Adams
by Fuckyoubitchney1 January 10, 2014
Compared closely to Dr.Jeckell Mr. Hyde. A narcissistic sociopath who prays on her closest "friends." Will steal the shirt off your back and deny involvement. Most selfish person you will ever meet. No sense of loyalty or responsibility. This could be caused by her amphetamine psychosis. It's real. If you see a Brittany do not approach. If she steals cash from friends she won't hesitate to steal your children. She will do an amazing job trying to convince you she cares for you. In reality she is not capable of connecting on a human level. She has all the signs and tendencies of a serial killer. Beware.
Hey! That's Brittany's hand in the tip jar again!
#bitch #selfish #hideous #coniving #malicious #pathalogical liar #junkie #karmas a bitch
by Rason May 12, 2013
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