an adjective used to describe a girl whose breasts are so small that they resemble mosquito bites. (Hence the similarity to the word bitten).
The term brittan can also refer to a person who has many STDs, (they are bitten by the diseases).
I slept with this brittan girl last night, and damnnn my hands felt empty!!
by yoyoyoyoyoyoyo January 29, 2008
Top Definition
An amazing and loving individual. Cares too much about finding that one special love interest. Has a big heart. Picky. Has more guy friends than girlfriends. Short. Skinny. Lover not a fighter.
Brittan loves to love.
by Mmmmyummy February 03, 2010
The most beautiful girl to ever live this planet. She has been fighting for so long becoming weaker and weaker but somehow still manages to stay strong.
Brittan is so strong.
by StayStrongBeautiful July 20, 2014
An amazing person. Hates the thought of somebody not liking her. Insecure.
"Dude leave Brittan alone"
by Dancemaniac5 October 26, 2012
Term for a UCLA male student who is a freak and a creep; A Brittan is a totally perverted guy who pretends to be innocent and interested in you (if you're a female) but just wants to get in your pants. Brittans usually hail from Santa Cruz. They typically have a plethora of female "friends" and only one male friend. Out of this selection of female friends, they try to find one that will be willing to quote:"get freaky on the pool table." Whereas most guys would not want to come off as racist or prejudice towards others when first getting to know a girl, a Brittan will certainly do so, thinking he is somehow flattering his new "conquest". A typical FIRST date includes: College football game, In N' Out afterwards, head to the t.v. lounge, where Brittan shamelessly tries to make out with you no matter how many times you tell him to back off. If a Brittan doesn't get what he wants, he immediately deletes you from his radar and somehow doesn't know you anymore. Stay away from these freaky creepers!
A Nice Day Really Exits With a Brittan .
by Josephine Bruin December 11, 2007
An extremely obese person who enjoys rolling around in marshmallow fluff while in her undies and a neon bra and making cake while booty dancing to ghettoass music. Weighs approximatley 975 pounds, comopletely adorable, and is a lesbian on occassion.
theres brittan! everybody drop your pants!
by fluffypants April 03, 2009
A crazy bitch that happens to be fucking amazing, and is the best friend of a kickass girl named kristin who also is fucking amazing. They are both cupcake whores.
Brittan invited Kristin to smoke a joint with her on the 50 yard line of the football field, who gladly accepted, as long as brittan brought cupcakes.
by the brittan/kristin experience January 28, 2008
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