A boy (and/or girl) who is random, squeezes when they hug, and listen to hardcore music and screamo all day. Britts are very perverted, but not to the point where it's disgusting. Britts can make anyone laugh in their own freakish way. :) Britts are also very attractive but also are fat chick magnets, due to their super sweet and sensitive personality.
"Hey, who is that person being followed around by a crowd of fat chicks?"

"Oh thats Britt."
by scenebean42069 July 09, 2009
A guy who's quiet, but tall, dark and hot in a mysterious way.
Sarah: I want to ask that guy out but I don't really know who he is...

Rachel: Oh just go for it that guy's totally a Britt.
by yeah, you know me January 29, 2011
A tall dickhead who works as a deputy. Will stab you in the back and turn his back on you because you leave your wife.
Dude 1: Wow, I cant believe your best friend would do that to you because you were unhappy in your marriage?

Dude 2: Yeah, definitely a Britt.
by cah82 September 13, 2012
another name for a horse or a person that looks like a horse
me:look theres the horse
me:haha britt
by 69ertothemaximumanal May 20, 2011
A curvy chick with nice tits and a wreckable ass paired with an acidic personality, annoying voice and self-depreciating attitude that borders on being pathetically desperate for any form of male companionship/contact. These negative traits cancel out any positive physical attributes and any enjoyable encounters that may result from said attributes. Common disposition is often like that of a british morning (read: bitingly cold), hence the name.
Yo man, you fuck that britt bitch? She got some curves on her to nut baste, but that voice makes me wanna splatter my cherry pie all over the wall. You musta made like Keller while you porked that butter dumpster!
by The Great DOLOMITE June 12, 2009
a fat slut with humongous boobs that she likes to hang out. britts are generally rangas with no life except being a prostitute that charges a dollar and hour. If you ever see a britt do not look at her, or else your eyes will fall out from her fat rolls.
by sal9000 December 28, 2009
a physical condition in which a man's testicles are too loose, allowing the penis to be lost in a mess of testicular skin.
he's got a britt. yup his balls are too big and his cock got lost in the mess.
by Ziggy Ziggleworth October 26, 2006

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