Contraction of "Be Right"....used for a girl who is super cute and smart; not bigheaded but straight up sweetie.

She knows how to "Be Right" without doing anything.
Yo Jim, ya' know she's see the way she looks and she still talks to you....
by Poyo de mo January 04, 2009
Top Definition
The above definition is untrue. Britt is a beautiful girl.
Person above me, how dare you lie about Britt!
by Fleabag December 22, 2005
My girlfriend. The most beautiful girl ive ever met.
The first definition is very offensive and is untrue. Britt is hot.
by Fleabag December 19, 2005
A sexy smokin hot teenager with a slammin body that dates frequently but not long...Guys want to do her, girls want to be her, but neither can be done.
guy1: "Damn that B-ritt is HOT, i WISH i could do her"
guy2: "Yea but you KNOW that won't happen, shit"
by Frow Farbisina December 06, 2006
A boy who can be such an ass, but in the end is a sweetheart that every girl wants to be with! The one girl he chooses to be with is VERY lucky! Whiskey is his choice of drink and dancing is his thing. The good ole country boy. Also has a MASSIVE DICK
Girl 1- Hey are you with Britt?
Girl 2- Yes He is so amazing
by mes9171992 November 30, 2011
A Britts is the most amazing girlfriend in the world. If you have a Britts, then you have the girl you are going to be with forever.
"She's my Britts." "Wow, you must really be in love."
by J.A.B.E. January 19, 2012
An underage girl who uses guys for attention and popularity. One who repeatedly throws herself on top of the most attractive boy and makes fake, obnoxious orgasm faces in hopes of branding herself as his girlfriend. She does this so people will know her name and praise her, glorifying her as if she were Hannah Montana. She may also send her doormat minions around and tell other girls not to talk about whoever she's recognized for sleeping with because he's "hers", which can be ultimately irritating. Britts can be very clingy and insecure, and they often come with fake and catty attitudes.
"The only thing Britt is good for is hooking up with guys to climb the social ladder."
"Britt? Ew, you mean Bratt?"
by gladercupcake October 25, 2014

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