Britnee's are beautiful, loving, and wonderful people. Very intelligent and very mentally strong. Physically, if Britnee is a girl, guys you had better be afraid cause she can and might kick your butt. They really aren't into makeup but they never need it because they are beautiful without it. Usually a brunette and has average height for women. They are very beautiful with blue eyes and brunette hair. They really are into the country, hunting, swimming, fishing, and just being outside. They ain't afraid to get muddy and go have a good time, but they also don't mind staying home and cuddling on the couch. If you have a Britnee as a girlfriend, never let her go because she will love you as long as you live and will do whatever possible to make you happy.
Britnee is the most amazing girl I have ever known.

I will love Britnee forever.
#britney #brittney #brittany #britany #loving #caring
by reride160 November 29, 2012
Top Definition
a foxy girl who knows it and flaunts it.
she isn't afraid to tell people off.
and she knows how to have a good time.
she is the life of the party.
that britnee is a fox.
britnee is the shit, yo.
#foxy #sexy #life #of #party #party-girl
by Britnee Foxy January 17, 2009
the shit, The end.
Oh you know Britnee? that bitch is fly
Britnee? hell yeah shes the shit
#brit #britnee #fly #shit #bitch #awesome #swagg
by ggggggooooooffffffffffff August 15, 2011
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