In Latin is translated to, "Settling for nothing"
Living in Bristol is like giving up on your hopes and dreams and moving to Kansas
by Tommy Kurtz August 19, 2011
When you f%#k up royally in life and get rewarded for it. Derived from Bristol Palin, a moron who turned an unplanned pregnancy into a career.
I beat up a homeless guy once, but a boxing manager saw it & I got a job! Totally bristoled that one!
by JMo1983 May 09, 2011
Bristol is a south west England city that fancies itself as up-and-coming despite the fact that it is mainly inherited by braying ex-public school students and backward yokels. It has a long history of riots. It also has two football clubs with Rovers still being a bit shitter than City who have recently been relegated to League 1. The town centre is a scruffy, depressing little set of streets and the city has a tedious one way system. Outside of the city centre there are admittedly, some very handsome buildings but there's a shitload of fucking ugly ones too. Bristol's main problem is that it thinks it's much better than it is. Ultimately it's just a shitty little city with delusions of grandeur. Still, they've always got the Bristol Stool Scale - the official medical scale for categorising shit. Seems quite appropriate.
Normal person 1: Do you want to go to Bristol
Normal person 2: No thank you. It is shit.
by DGuyReg December 12, 2013
An unwed teen who is pregnant despite, or as a result of, receiving only abstinence-based sex education in a fundamentalist religious family.
Bristols are growing in number as the economy worsens, leaving them with fewer entertainment choices.
by Tradjazz April 20, 2009
A small city which is divided over SW Virginia/NE Tennessee via State Street. It has a NASCAR track, and thus is the bane of many existences for a few weekends a year, because out of town race people are crazy drivers, rude customers and frequently drunk in public.

Residents frequently complain of there being nothing to do there, but this is only because they don't live in any of the surrounding towns.
Quit your bitching. Bristol is where Abingdonians go to have fun.
by maryla September 16, 2007
Verb- To get knocked up or impregnated; generally while underaged and out of wedlock.
Sho'ty got bristoled; nows I gots a baby mamma skimmin' my goddam paycheck!
by Cheapie Jankins June 16, 2009
Bristol is an acronym. It stands for: Being Really Intellectual Sexy Talented Obviously-beautiful Loving.
Oh dude, she's totally Bristol!
by Kolden March 23, 2011
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