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(UK) tits - From cockney slang "Bristol City = Titty"
Your sister's got great bristols mate. How much to squeeze 'em?
by Tizzle Sizzle June 09, 2003
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Is a city. South West of England. Populated with various types of ethnicity. Compared to other cities this is a unique one, loads of bars and clubs, pub, cinema, ice rink, rock climbing, absailing, canoeing and activities to choose from here. Although you get the odd few yobs... the yobs have to decide carefully as to who their target will be. Do not give in to these people or let them intimidate you.

Bristol is very hectic and Livley on weekends with a great atmosphere and on the weekdays a a few bars and clubs still manage to be livo!!

Outsiders to Bristol should respect the history,land, people and the ground on which they walk.
jimmy: lets travel to Bristol, get pissed, get laid, go home!

Sebastian: I would love to engage in the process of travelling to Bristol, I heard its hectic down ther.
by aches November 21, 2006
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The best city in the world.

Despite it's chav image Bristol is one of the most up and coming cities in the UK with it's music scene etc. It's also got the highest income per head of any UK city other than London and is currently ungoing a big boom time with redevelopments all over the city.

Bristol is cooler than your city.
"Man I wish I lived in Bristol"
by ElectricBaby February 07, 2007
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Phoar look at the set of Bristols on her
by Jack T May 07, 2003
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Bristol is the only suburban town, but called a city, you will see a 14 year old on a skateboard carrying a 40oz while smoking a cigarette. It is also the only place you can catch people dealing drugs on the street attached to the police station. The only place where the cops care less than anything about dui this side of the mississippi. And why? Because the towns newspaper tells you where the DUI checkpoints are the day before. It is the place where the middle-schoolers party harder than your average college student. White suburbia at its finest. The only place you can find a wizard waving to you on a busy intersection or perhaps a vietnam vet who took rides a bicycle that he stole and yells crazy things, and everyones pretty sure he has a steady diet of malt liquor. Bristol is the amsterdam of connecticut, everyone you know sells drugs. Most of them are the most wannabe malibus most wanted type gangsta kids ever. Bristol is the one city you love to hate and somehow can never leave. Home of espn.
Kid at party: You from bristol?
Matt budson: yeah
Kid at party: You got bud?
Matt budson:yeah I got piff all day nothing less than a quarter kid.
Kid at party: damn them kids from bristol are crazy.
by bkmc May 05, 2008
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Female breasts. From the rhyming slang 'Bristol Cities'.
She's got a nice pair of bristols.
by BBKling September 09, 2008
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Breasts / collective noun for Bristol cars
When driving past the Bristol garage in Kensington (with your girlfriend in the passenger seat), exclaim "nice Bristols!" - quickly followed by pointing at the Bristol garage on the corner, before you get a slap.
by Charley Farley January 06, 2009
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