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The daughter of Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin. She's a big neo-Nazi strumpet who's blatant unprotected vaginal corndoggery undermines her mother's fascist agenda for moral order.
Bristol Palin:
Country First! Condoms Second!
by Hasn't Bin Laden September 09, 2008
To be underage and pregnant. Especially if your parents are a part of the Religious Right
I think Becky and I are going to go all the way tonight.

Use a rubber dude, You don't want to Bristol Palin her.
by Somethingcatchy September 01, 2008
The daughter of the homophobic republican Sarah palin. Shes a stupid whore who got pregnant and tells teenagers to be abstinent. shes a hypocrite and also a homophobe like her dumbass mother. Shes a horrible dancer who won 3rd place on Dancing with the stars because all the republicans and the tea party fucked up the votes. Shes also fat bitch!
by MJlover20 December 09, 2010
A description of the situation when one accidentally impregnates the daughter/family member of someone politically known/vaguely important e.g. the story of the original Bristol Palin.

Usually results in said male being forced into a 'happy marriage' with the victim of Bristol-Palinism to save face, since so many politicians oppose abortion.
Generic male 1: "Dude I was totally boning President Obama's niece last week and now she rings telling me she's preggers."

Generic male 2: "Oh shiiiiiit you're screwed! Why the fuck did you go and Bristol Palin that bitch?"

Generic male 1: "Dunno but have a good life."
by Dr. Torn Face October 03, 2010
MILF. Pregnant daughter of 2008 Vice President candidate Sarah Palin.
- Hey did you hear Bristol Palin is pregnant?
- Yeah! That MILF!
by JTC374 September 01, 2008
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