A series of mountains in Bristol - England.

Nicknamed by followers of the Neeb Legend.

The higher up in the series the mountain, the more important the mountain. The mountain list is as follows:

Mt Neeb
Mt Noob
Mt Naab
Mt Nub
Mt Nib
Guy #1: Hey, wanna marry me?
Girl: Sure!
Guy #1: Let's do it on Mt Noob!
Girl: Mt Noob? No way, that's for poor people who can't afford marriages on Mt Neeb!
Guy #2: Hey, if you marry me, we can get married on Mt Neeb
Girl: Wooo!! Sure!
Guy #1: Damn you, stealing my girl just because you can afford a marriage on a mountain higher than Mt Noob in the Bristol Mountain Series!!
by The_Neeb January 04, 2006
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