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Brisaela (Bree-si-ela) (can be nicknamed, Brizzy, for short.) is certainly not a common name at all. In fact, there's only one girl in the whole world to have this name - to date. This person can be extremely stubborn and selfish, but with good intention. They carry an extreme amount of passion and tend to be over-dramatic. People will gravitate towards Brisaela, because she's all in general an optimistic-inspirational-nature loving-fashionista! Don't be fooled by her innocent appearance - her mysterious eyes may deceive you.

Meaning: The Ocean's breeze.

Creator of name: Marcelo Arredondo
Miranda: Do you know anyone who know's when the next Glee episode is coming on?

Brittany: Brisaela, of course!
by Lucy Rose April 11, 2011
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