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One who associates himself with bros and hipsters. This person functions like a chameleon, assimilating to either group based on social context. One day he may be wearing a flannel, tight pants, and a pair of RealD 3D glasses without the lenses, and the next, he will be wearing a tipped cap, a pair of gym shorts, and an Ohio State T-shirt while drinking a can of Natty Light or Four Loko. Even worse, he may try to become a hybrid of the two, such as wearing a flannel and khaki shorts(which a hipster would NEVER wear) to a performance of Les Miserables. Regardless, this person tries to transcend the rules of society, but from an unbiased perspective, he fails miserably.
Don't worry about it, man. He's a bripster.
by DarknessImprisonsMeeeee January 31, 2011
one who is both a bro and a hipster
a bripster might say, "dude, i like kenny v. spenny AND kaki king."
by cheesecrackers January 14, 2009
The sudden morphing of a Bro who is also a Hipster.

-Typically wears skinny jeans with vans and Sunglasses straps.
-Listens to Bro music and Hipster music.
-Loves Nattys. Dome. and Fists.
Bripster 1: Bro, lets go longboading today while listening to Dashboard Confessional!

Brispter 2: Helll yeah!! Then we can go drink and fuck chicks Bro!

Brispter 2: Nattys. Dome. Fists.

*They Fist Pump while listening to "Underground" bands.*
by JesusSurferChrist April 07, 2011