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A nick name meaning Brittany.Ushually a hott or sexy person.
Well liked and very kind.
Person 1:Hey do you know brinny
Person 2:Everyone knows Brinny
by Brinny November 13, 2007
16 7
Brinnington, stockport. An area of Stockport that is downrated because of its huge capacity of one parent families, scallies, hoodies, yobos. HAHA. But Try living there. U see a different side to Brinny. Its close knit community is good and everybody knows everybody. I think the closeness of the people of brinnington just goes to show You may be skint, on benefits, a scally, hoody or more but you know what they have all got a heart or most of em!!
Brinny people have hearts of gold.
by Ex brinny resident May 12, 2008
9 6