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the scholarship program for some true gentlemen in New Haven who bring heat to their schoolwork
-Hey how did your exam go, did you bring the heat?
- Awesome I brought the fucking heat
by Hendy Henderson January 06, 2010
(verb) The act of adding power to anything. A term typically used in pool. It can be used when a person adds a rediculous amount of force, often more than needed.
You better bring the heat on the fucking eightball.
by Michael l October 25, 2006
1. (n.) Another name for the flash game 'Curveball'.
2. (v.) To play 'Curveball'.
1. Dude, I got to level 10 on Bring the Heat! He was literally bringin' the heat tenfold!
2. I was bringin' the heat the other day while my roommates were S'in each others D's! Gross!
by Ryan Fitz April 23, 2006
(verb) the act of smoking pot.
Don't worry,Bill. I'm going to bring the heat tonight.
by tinysinger99 October 18, 2006
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