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To be very mad, similar to the word "salty" only a step madder
Lol u briney? This guy got cheesed and he was so briney. Huk was so briney at MLG when he lost
by legoatsnarfer August 21, 2012
Brine is salt water.
Having a briney is "to cry" or shed tears.
More loosely it can be complaining in a 'feel sorry for yourself' kind of way.
"I couldn't see her this weekend so she was having a huge briney over the phone at me!"
by zpaghead October 25, 2005
A girl who smells like fish or a man who smells like...well..fish.
I was hangin with Keisha and she told me when she went down on Hugh, he was right briney.
by iadyscorpian July 29, 2003