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A solo cup of beer filled up to the brim...the drinker must begin with his knee on the ground with the beer cup on the table, and the tip of his nose must begin an inch deep in the beer. He shall then proceed to slowly raise the cup to the ceiling and chug it until the cup is empty...not a drop can spill, or the drinker must re-houser until he can master the procedure.
He rocked so many brimhausers last night, his nose was actually pruny from the wetness.
by Pepe Von Brimhouser February 25, 2010
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a cup of beer filled up to the brim of a solo cup, that must be chugged. A true brimhauser can not fit another drop of beer in the cup. If a brimhauser is not completed in 1 try, a clownhauser must be done as punishment.
Every funday a minimum of 20 brimhausers must be crushed by each participant.
by Big Dawg 33 February 22, 2010
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